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Xmas & New Year's 2000-2001
The weekend started with a hit & run scooter accident.
01knee.jpg 02booboo.jpg
Xmas morning started innocently enough. Then I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.
10morningof.jpg 11pop.jpg 12pop2.jpg

R&R at the Ritz with the ring pop.
14roombon.jpg 15roomad.jpg 17ringpop2.jpg
181bonbath.jpg 20dinner2.jpg
Jessica and Peter got engaged too!
30jessbonad.jpg 31petead.jpg 33bensask.jpg
34karjul.jpg 37lisben.jpg 38jessamyothr.jpg
A new ring for Bonnie from Zvika and a new TV for Adam.
51sevika.jpg newtv.jpg 23emlarry.jpg
New Years at Chris and Nancy's - A sad farewell to the Internet boom.
60nydnan.jpg 61nydchr.jpg 62nydbonther.jpg
63nydbonreg.jpg 64nydbonreg2.jpg 66nydbonnan.jpg
67nydbannanreg.jpg 9boncutie.jpg  

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