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Spring & Summer in San Francisco
July through September 2002
Bonnie and Stacy reunion
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Bonnie's pregnant! Hurry take a picture, I may never see this again.
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Adam's Birthday & the "84g of fat per slice" Cheesecake Factory carrot cake...
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The start of the packing process. A weekend at our storage retreat.
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Chris and Nancy come back for the July 4 weekend. Drinks at 1516; a day in Napa with Michaela & Joe (and Dennis Franz); an all-day party and BBQ at Regina's in the Clouds.
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Allison, Alyssa & Neil in for fun.
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Allison, Alyssa & Neil in for fun.
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A day in Napa with Larry & Karen at Copia, the museum of food and wine.
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Dinner at Anne and Jeremy's with baby Oscar.
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Boy am I going to miss YOUR business.
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Packing and Wade's place.
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A glorious dinner with Chris and Melissa at Boulevard.
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Ala Carte in the Park - AKA Valium-Fest - and photos at Tank Hill
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A night at Manka's Inverness Lodge
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