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January 2004
New Year's, Local Visits, Penn Friends, Vermont & Ikea

Penn Friends/ Greg & Amish | Vermont
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An afternoon with Penn Friends; Brunch with Greg and Amish
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Vermont with the Gang
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Img2005-01-21 201004.JPG Img2005-01-21 201101.JPG Img2005-01-21 214354.JPG DSC01041.JPG
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DSC01038.JPG Img2005-01-21 214349.JPG Img2005-01-21 214436.JPG Img2005-01-21 214653.JPG
Img2005-01-21 214701.JPG Img2005-01-21 232258.JPG Img2005-01-22 113610.JPG Img2005-01-22 113711.JPG
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