Langton Loft Halloween Party, 1998
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sml_ls_lay.jpg (22979 bytes) The Jokester Hoster Pentive and Prone (150k)
sml_gang.jpg (28077 bytes) Draculette, Grafix Jester, the Girl Sluts from Troop 69, and Vampirette (112k)
sml_dee_peg.jpg (18271 bytes) The Dope-Fly Silvertab Advertisement Chicks (98k)
sml_em_ag.jpg (28507 bytes) Dionysus Gettin' the Girls all Liquored Up (90k)
sml_bon_ag.jpg (23364 bytes) Dionysus and The Vampirette (135k)
sml_ls_ag_cows.jpg (21722 bytes) The Grafix Jester, Dionysus, a Cow, and a Steer (131k)
sml_frog.jpg (27258 bytes) Frogger Gets Major Style Points (142k)
sml_girl_sluts.jpg (27544 bytes) The Girl Sluts from Troop 69 Up Close and Personal (64k)
sml_ls_jh.jpg (23160 bytes) Who Ever Said the Jester Can't Get the Princess? (96k)
sml_terri_devil.jpg (23434 bytes) Lucky Devil, No? (127k)
sml_luke_hee.jpg (16389 bytes) Zero Originality Points: The Gap Kids (85k)
sml_bon_close.jpg (25339 bytes) A Closeup of the Vampy Bloodsucker (103k)
sml_maid_lamp.jpg (20118 bytes) Sassy French Maid with a Guy Who Anticipated the Inevitable (87k)
sml_paul_sevda.jpg (23831 bytes) The Little Sailor-Boy and a Truly Wonder Woman (162k)
sml_regina.jpg (26377 bytes) Regina - Need I Say More? (111k)